Contemporary art by Joseph O'Neal

A Sunday in Soho II

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A Sunday in Soho II

May 28th- June 6th

vernissage: May 28th


Gimmick Studios

Binningerstrasse 101

4123 Allschwil, Switzerland 

Joseph O'Neal

Joe Strasser

We are very happy to be back in Basel, Switzerland and to announce A Sunday in Soho II, opening May 28th at Gimmick Studios. A Sunday in Soho II is a follow up from the 2011 Basel exhibition of the same title.

The exhibition respectfully features over 60 large and small-scale works from the two artists. Though O’Neal and Strasser differ in application and technique their philosophic values run congruent, and the exhibition can be taken in as a whole.

Relying on instinct and visceral cues for mark making and palette choices; O’Neal and Strasser create contemporary work in an urgent manner that invokes a notion of archaic relics and symbolism.