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The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self

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The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self: Joseph O'Neal on painting
By: Erik Noonan
Sensitive Skin Magazine

I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Erik Noonan and be the subject of his article and interview published by Sensitive Skin Magazine. 

"A visual artist whose practice demonstrates the application of pigment as an allegory for self-determination is doing the viewer a rare service. Joseph O’Neal is such a painter, and the rest of the job gets done by his viewership, whose interpretation meets his creation halfway and completes it. O’Neal paints in the awareness of art’s condition. His work presents marks and signs together in a suspense that holds them free from prior associations and welcomes the viewer’s appraisal as if for the first time. O’Neal’s probity and forthrightness are in evidence in the following interview. In much the same way that his canvas entitled Walt Whitman complements – or, as he puts it, goes “rolling alongside” – the poet’s writing, these remarks are apposite to the pictures. These comments clearly show that this painter is his own subject – multitudinous, just like the rest of us, if only we could all recall." -Noonan

full article/interview available here : The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self