Contemporary art by Joseph O'Neal


Added on by Joseph O'Neal.

I am thrilled to announce my participation in bluetan collectives upcoming exhibition, Ultisols, at the Index Art Center in Newark, New Jersey. We hope you can join us at our opening reception on January 17th.

bluetan collective presents: Ultisols

Joseph O’Neal
Brandon Fonville
Joe Strasser
Geoff Henshall
Steve Chellis

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Gallery ph. 862-218-0278

Reception: Saturday, January 17, 7 - 10PM
Exhibit on view through February 11

Ultisols [uhl-tuh-sawls, -sols] a highly weathered leached red or reddish-yellow acid soil with a clay-rich B horizon (subsoil).

We as artists have a conscious and visceral bond to the environmental surroundings of our youth. This connection still affects our use of color, composition, and at times the overall language of our work. Ultisols represents that place where nature and nurture meet, acting as a metaphorical idea of where the conscious mind meets the innate or subconscious mind.

We see the act of creating as an excavation of the meta/pataphysical ether in an attempt to uncover personal and universal meaning. The works in this exhibition are tokens from this excavation; i.e. an archeologist bringing a bone back to the lab. In this case the bone (our work) is not the object of desire but rather an invitation for the viewer to embark on their own excavational journey.

This unearthing manifests itself in an array of distinct expressions throughout our collective: Geoff Henshall’s reflections on youth, love and friendship; Brandon Fonville’s photographs emphasizing place and change in a growing city; Joseph O’Neal’s poetic non-objective forms and wordplay; Joe Strasser’s urgent application of material; and the ambiguous taunting of Steve Chellis’ paintings and drawings. These brief examples articulate Ultisols: the exposed soil meeting the air; mirroring the artists’ inner excavations coming to fruition. Though varied in intent and outcome, as a whole the work in this exhibition is effective in its ability to translate the myriad of experiences of our varied group in the light of a connected reality.