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Very happy to announce my solo exhibition Trapping Ghosts through The Road Gallery NYC is on through November 18th. 

Trapping Ghosts                                                                                                                        

October 18th - November 18th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Road Gallery                                                                                                                                

New York, NY

"The central theme of this solo show by artist Joseph O'Neal is discovery. The poetic and evocative symbolism of catching, attracting and trapping ghosts helps us gain clear insights into O’Neal’s approach to his work and mindset." - The Road Gallery


        cabin   ; found paper, coffee, acrylic, oil stick on canvas , 2016    

  cabin  ; found paper, coffee, acrylic, oil stick on canvas , 2016

Press Release:

Discovery, experimentation and creation are central to the very essence and being of an artist. The forces of intent, accident and necessity all play a part in the creative process, regardless of the discipline. In his most recent body of work represented in this show, artist Joseph O’Neal is confronted by all these dynamics. He describes his approach in this short essay, Trapping Ghosts. The poetic and evocative symbolism of catching, attracting and trapping ghosts helps us gain clear insights into O’Neal’s artistic process and mindset.

"It is my job to simply catch ghosts. The problem is ghosts never let you see them straight on and they never give you a signal of when they plan to appear. Most of my studio days are spent moving paint and material around structures as a rain dance in order to tempt the ghosts out of hiding. I do this by putting myself in positions that encourage accidents in hopes that some of these mishaps will attract a ghost. When a ghost shows up I acknowledge the preceding accident and can then create an environment that will foster more of the same. In some cases this means spilled coffee, or painting with rags rather than brushes, and often working with my less coordinated left hand. All of these along with a host of other strategies can be implemented as a gambit in the ghost game."

"The words on the paintings arrive the same way the other elements do; by showing up in the ether at the right time. The words are not meant to mean anything. This is not to say that they don’t mean something, just that they were not meant to mean anything. I realize that by putting words on the surface of my work that this will naturally cause viewers to look for symbols within the elements of the pieces for association. It is my intention that this back and forth will cause viewers to fall past the surface and experience the trapped ghosts."

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June 26 - August 9, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 26th

6 - 9 pm

191 Henry st. 
New York, Ny

Gallery Hours
Thurs.-sat. 12-6pm
Sun. 12-4pm

RJAMPOL PROJECT(s) presents a group exhibition titled "Crossing Your Own Line" featuring artists Aimee Hertog, Etty Yaniv, Jennifer Wroblewski, Milcah Bassel and Joseph O'Neal. The exhibition will be on view from June 26th - August 9th, 2015 and will open with a reception Friday, June 26, 2015 from 6 - 9pm. The reception will include a performance by Jennifer Wrobleski and distribution of exhibition printed work. 

"Crossing Your Own Line" demonstrates how medium can express boundaries crossed or broken within the artist. Discussions are created abstractly and aggressively indicating determination drummed up from the artist's strength, or lack there of. Line work across the diverse materials brought to the table hold invading, ravaging qualities. A feeling of subject resolution is presented in the completed work."

Aimee Hertog, originally from Denver, Colorado, received her B.A. from Bennington College and her MFA at Montclair State University. She works with painting, photography and sculptural installation. She has been in several exhibitions in the New York City area including two one-person shows with Chashama. In 2011, Aimee won Best in Show at Wide Open 2 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, chosen by Guggenheim curator Nat Trotman. In addition to the earlier New York Times article, in 2014 her art was featured in the Huffington Post and the Star Ledger.

Etty Yaniv was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently works in Brooklyn. She holds BA in Psychology and English Literature from Tel Aviv University, BFA from Parsons School of Design, and MFA degree from SUNY Purchase. She is integrating mediums such as drawing, photography and painting to form immersive environments. Her work has been printed in publications such as The New York Times, Village Voice, Newsday Magazine and The Nation. She exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries and museums nationally and internationally. 

Jennifer Wroblewski is an artist, curator, and adjunct Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase School of Art+Design. Her practice is comprised mainly of large scale drawing installation and performance. She is a recipient of a 2009 NYFA Fellowship in Drawing, Printmaking and Book Arts, and her work has been reviewed and discussed in the New York Times, the Brooklyn Rail, Hi-Fructose, and the Star-Ledger. Group exhibitions include Timeless: the Art of Drawing at the Morris Museum, Contemporary Mark-Making: Blurring theLines Between Drawing and Writing at the Alpan Gallery. She has had many solo drawing exhibitions including at A.I.R. Gallery, the A.C. Institute, and chashama. In May of this year, Jennifer presented a 6 hour durational drawing performance at Draw to Perform 2 in London. 

Milcah Bassel is a multidisciplinary artist based in Jersey City and Tel Aviv. Her work is an experiential investigation of body-space relations incorporating installation, handmade objects, drawing, photography, video, language, and performance. Bassel holds an MFA in Visual Art from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University (2013) where she is currently an adjunct lecturer, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Studio Art from Brandeis University (2011). ecent solo and group exhibitions include the Newark Museum 2014 Arts Annual, William Paterson University, The Gateway Project, (NJ); Soho20 Chelsea, Whitebox, (NY); Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn); as well as galleries in Chicago, Budapest, and Tel Aviv; Art fairs include PULSE 2015 and EAB fair in NY, and SELECT fair Miami, FL.

Joseph O’Neal creates a transcendental dialogue through a system driven by the archaic. Symbols, phonetics, and imagery come descendent from a past that, in the words of artist Robert Motherwell, “…could only have been conceived of in the present.” The work consists of two variables: the problem and the resolution. Both variables are present in the end result, like the shaking of hands at a peace treaty. The handshake dissolves his relevancy. He is an internationally collected artist and has been involved in numerous gallery shows, museum events, art fairs, group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Switzerland. O’Neal currently works from his studio in Newark, New Jersey.

Press Inquiries: 


A Sunday in Soho II

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A Sunday in Soho II

May 28th- June 6th

vernissage: May 28th


Gimmick Studios

Binningerstrasse 101

4123 Allschwil, Switzerland 

Joseph O'Neal

Joe Strasser

We are very happy to be back in Basel, Switzerland and to announce A Sunday in Soho II, opening May 28th at Gimmick Studios. A Sunday in Soho II is a follow up from the 2011 Basel exhibition of the same title.

The exhibition respectfully features over 60 large and small-scale works from the two artists. Though O’Neal and Strasser differ in application and technique their philosophic values run congruent, and the exhibition can be taken in as a whole.

Relying on instinct and visceral cues for mark making and palette choices; O’Neal and Strasser create contemporary work in an urgent manner that invokes a notion of archaic relics and symbolism. 

The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self

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The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self: Joseph O'Neal on painting
By: Erik Noonan
Sensitive Skin Magazine

I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Erik Noonan and be the subject of his article and interview published by Sensitive Skin Magazine. 

"A visual artist whose practice demonstrates the application of pigment as an allegory for self-determination is doing the viewer a rare service. Joseph O’Neal is such a painter, and the rest of the job gets done by his viewership, whose interpretation meets his creation halfway and completes it. O’Neal paints in the awareness of art’s condition. His work presents marks and signs together in a suspense that holds them free from prior associations and welcomes the viewer’s appraisal as if for the first time. O’Neal’s probity and forthrightness are in evidence in the following interview. In much the same way that his canvas entitled Walt Whitman complements – or, as he puts it, goes “rolling alongside” – the poet’s writing, these remarks are apposite to the pictures. These comments clearly show that this painter is his own subject – multitudinous, just like the rest of us, if only we could all recall." -Noonan

full article/interview available here : The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self

Home Tour and Art Sale

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Home Tour and Art Sale
hosted by The Road Gallery
February 22nd  12 - 5pm
406 W 45th st.  
NYC,NY  10036

I will have a few paintings and a number of drawings on view at The Road Gallery's latest event ; Home Tour and Art Sale

press release via The Road Gallery: 

"Contemporary art and design join forces for this home tour and art sale hosted by The Road Gallery.  Wander around this stunning 2,000 square foot duplex in a converted 1905 carriage house in the heart of Manhattan. The building was once home to horses and animal cast members of Broadway shows. Recently renovated, this urban oasis beautifully combines historic, original features with organic, contemporary design. 

Join us from 12.00pm and browse through a wide selection of original artwork from The Road Gallery, a contemporary, curated gallery representing some of the finest emerging artists in America."

Free admission
R.S.V.P. and further info available through: Eventbrite

Onassis and Saint Joan

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I have released two new drawing series ( Onassis and Saint Joan ) available through The Road Gallery NYC. The bulk of which was created the months following my spinal surgery. I wrote a short essay about the series and the role it played in my recovery process which can be viewed here: The Road Gallery  

For purchase inquiries and more info contact:



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I am thrilled to announce my participation in bluetan collectives upcoming exhibition, Ultisols, at the Index Art Center in Newark, New Jersey. We hope you can join us at our opening reception on January 17th.

bluetan collective presents: Ultisols

Joseph O’Neal
Brandon Fonville
Joe Strasser
Geoff Henshall
Steve Chellis

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Gallery ph. 862-218-0278

Reception: Saturday, January 17, 7 - 10PM
Exhibit on view through February 11

Ultisols [uhl-tuh-sawls, -sols] a highly weathered leached red or reddish-yellow acid soil with a clay-rich B horizon (subsoil).

We as artists have a conscious and visceral bond to the environmental surroundings of our youth. This connection still affects our use of color, composition, and at times the overall language of our work. Ultisols represents that place where nature and nurture meet, acting as a metaphorical idea of where the conscious mind meets the innate or subconscious mind.

We see the act of creating as an excavation of the meta/pataphysical ether in an attempt to uncover personal and universal meaning. The works in this exhibition are tokens from this excavation; i.e. an archeologist bringing a bone back to the lab. In this case the bone (our work) is not the object of desire but rather an invitation for the viewer to embark on their own excavational journey.

This unearthing manifests itself in an array of distinct expressions throughout our collective: Geoff Henshall’s reflections on youth, love and friendship; Brandon Fonville’s photographs emphasizing place and change in a growing city; Joseph O’Neal’s poetic non-objective forms and wordplay; Joe Strasser’s urgent application of material; and the ambiguous taunting of Steve Chellis’ paintings and drawings. These brief examples articulate Ultisols: the exposed soil meeting the air; mirroring the artists’ inner excavations coming to fruition. Though varied in intent and outcome, as a whole the work in this exhibition is effective in its ability to translate the myriad of experiences of our varied group in the light of a connected reality.